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: Our Story


The Tito & Silly brand was launched in sunny Southern California by two cousins,  Michelle and Janelle, in memory of Michelle's dad, Joseph, and Janelle's mom, Susan, who left this world too soon.  Michelle and Janelle both share an appreciation for adding value to others' lives after seeing how fleeting life can be.  The two set out to make a difference in the world - not just for people, but for animals as well.


Michelle has always been passionate about design, excited by new challenges, and has a steady stream of bold ideas for improving the status-quo.

Janelle has a love of language, writing stories, and finding ways to be more efficient!


Together, they built the Tito & Silly brand - a playful and innovative pet product line - by combining their strengths and passions for the benefit of animals.


In the animal-rescue community, DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) projects are popular and necessary as a means of conserving much-needed funds, all while helping the greatest possible number of animals. 


Tito & Silly is happy to serve the DIY fans with...

  • A complete and versatile set of stainless steel

       grooming scissors and combs anyone can use!

  • Demonstration videos uploaded here as well as our YouTube channel!

  • Informative e-mails and exclusive deals for those

       who opt in to "Join Our Pack!" 

  • An interactive Facebook community for pet-

       lovers and other "Do-It-Yourselfers" where you                     can share fun photos of your pets, and tricks of the

       trade for grooming newbies!

Our high-quality products are designed to make your pets look so good they'll be taking selfies! 

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