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My Covid-19 Quarantine Rescue Story: Part 1

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Thinking about getting a rescue dog during quarantine? So were we! Many people seem to have the same idea - when we called the shelters, an automated voice said, "There are sixty-five callers ahead of you. Please wait while our agents answer calls in the order they were received."

Since we are home every day and can give lots of love to a furry friend, we started doing research about different dog breeds and rescues. After many phone calls, applications, and waiting on hold, we decided to support Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles.

We scrolled through pictures of the German Shepherds that were available to foster, and after reading many bios, we selected two dogs we were interested in fostering. One was a Lab/German Shepherd mix with an adorable video about him online. The other was a unique-looking light-faced pure-bred German Shepherd. Although in many rescue stories "the dog picks you," in this case the rescue selected the dog they felt would best match with our family.

Welcome to our family, we look forward to getting to know you, Violet!

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