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Our refined professional-quality, 4CR stainless steel scissors set was intended to be the first dog grooming set for all dog-owners who like to have a DIY option for services they would otherwise pay for. Whether you have experience in dog grooming, or you are a figure-stuff-out kinda dog owner, this set is for you! Our team has tutorial videos and instructions that will guide you every step of the way.


This is the ONLY kit on the market that offers all of these benefits:


▫️ Four types of scissors: straight edge, left- curved (for the dog's

  right side), right-curved (for the dog's left side), and blending,

  or thinning, shears


▫️ A large, multi-thickness stainless steel comb


▫️ A small eye comb (or flea comb)


▫️ A bigger, better, microfiber cleaning cloth


▫️ Rounded tips for safer snips on all scissors


▫️ Rubber "Hush-Bumpers" to absorb shock & eliminate noise


▫️ Removeable inner finger cusion rings provide the option for         

   more spacious finger loops


▫️ Lightweight design for maximum comfort


▫️ Tension-adjustment knobs allow for choice of resistance levels


▫️A durable, zippered protective case

Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors Kit for Dogs or Cats

  • This Grooming Scissors Kit includes a cleaning cloth - always remember to wipe and dry each piece in the set prior to storing.  This will ensure the longest possible life of the product, as well as optimum performance!

  • Tito & Silly are sure you will love their products, and want you to have the confidence to try them out!  They're committed to customer satisfaction and, to that end, offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.  Let them know how they can improve their products or service, because they are eager to do so!

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